I hate to use the word "rules" and especially where trying to leave a platform that has far too many of them.  BUT like everywhere else, there are just some folks that you can't take anywhere 😉   And so, here are the guidelines from which we pull.  All common sense stuff.

First, NO MARKETING.  Kratomix is a platform for training and supplying resellers with high quality, lab tested product that is already packaged and ready to sell.  We take all the work of packaging out of the equation for our customers, so that they may focus on sales.  We sell shelf ready product, and can optionally design and print custom labels for those who wish to white label goods.

We take a ZERO tolerance position with DRAMA.  This means, no jumping anyone's crap here in public light.  If you wish to become angry at someone (hey, it happens) KEEP IT OFF PUBLIC LIGHT.  Feel free to tell them off via PM if you must, but ... don't hang your dirty laundry here in our forums.

Let us keep these forums free of politics, shall we?   This is not really a rule, but more of an effort to establish a place to RELAX and enjoy a place where we can take a deep breath and, if even for a while, avoid the stress and drama of continual verbal self defense.  So please save your political discussions on the "other platforms"

** NOTE:  We are on a limited resource, shared hosting environment and therefore we have disabled the uploading of images.  You may embed images and video's that are hosted elsewhere, but we do not host poster media.  Perhaps if this platform gets popular, we may consider moving it to a more capable hosting acct.

The topics on this platform will include topics that are pertinent to kratom resellers and customers of Dazed Dragons, the sponsoring vendor behind this project.

We are excited to be able to provide a sensible income opportunity for those who seek that.  Nathan and I (Robert Cohen) are grateful for your interest and participation.  If there is anything you feel is missing, regarding products or information, please do let us know.

Thanks for joining us!