As already mentioned, this project is a start up, and currently mostly out of pocket, with exception to some startup by two sponsors, soon to be divulged (if they wish).   As such we are on a shared server (hosting) which will not get us far.   So, we either grow, or we fade away ;-0    That will be completely up to public interest.   This was set up in response to people complaining on “other platforms” about being restricted and jailed for opinions or various mentions.   There are none of those issues here.

I’ve set up  four areas of support (sponsorship) to begin with.   I have set up a classifieds area, which a fee of $10 (for 90 days) and $20 (for 90 days) as a featured post (listed before others).  Of course with little traffic on the site yet, classifieds aren’t worth much, but this is why I set the display time to 90 days.   The main reason for charging anything at all is, this keeps out the spammers and bullshit posts, and this alone is worth the small investment, but also…. I have to play for the hosting every month and this goes directly towards that.

Area two is for a vendor who needs a private group here to avoid the crap on other platforms.  The other platforms are a necessary evil to find and harvest prospects but once you have them, you should lead them to safe waters, and this is what these groups are for.    Yes, like our main forums, the photo upload will be limited, but when we grow, so will our resources / limitations.  Besides you’re not here for the cute pix, we’re here to enjoy a place without censorship.  I set the image size max to 1mb but honestly there isn’t a photo that exists that can’t be tweaked to under 100K (one tenth of a MB).  I’ll add a page explaining that as well.   But anyway, if you are a vendor, please consider bringing your tribe into safer waters and supporting this project in the same breath.   Thanks.  To get started with that, shoot me a message.

Third, is we have a lifetime listing in a kratom vendor directory that will include reviews and a rating system, and for as little as ten bucks.  This system will also have a place to offer a coupon for 30 days listed here.  This is a huge set up and we are slowly plowing through it 😉   It is divided up by state.

And finally, while we are not quite ready yet (we need traffic for this next one), but we’ll be giving away prizes of Kratom from “Product Sponsors” and here are the rules for that.   First, I will disclose in public light, who was awarded each prize, so there are no thoughts of devious hoarding by those who operate this side of the operation.  Then, the person who accepts the prize will be obligated to post an honest review (without consequence) back to the award page.  In this way, the sponsor gets a publically viewable review of said product from a place that is known for honest reviews, which is what I hope this turns into.   Each 200 Gram prize will be worth one permanent review on our pages, as these will be posted in blog format, meaning as newer ones take it’s place, your review eventually lands in the archive, where it can be searched by our visitors.  But again, we will begin this end of things after we get some traffic.

Thank you for considering supporting this project.   I think it has a lot of good potential but it’s gonna take a lot of community effort to drive it, both financially and physically.   One person can’t drive this beast, at least not well 😉   IF you’re interested in joining our team in whatever capacity you’re interested in doing so, shoot me a message.  The more the merrier 😉