Truehope holding Health Canada accountable in Courts

Global News interviews Anthony Stephan, co founder of Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. Truehope is taking Health Canada to court over their search and seizure policies, to have them overturned. If ...successful, Health Canada would have to go through the courts to receive a warrant to perform a search or seizure, and in the application for such, would have to weigh the risks of harm to the Canadian public when conducted. This means greater freedom for those who choose to use natural treatments over conventional treatments. In 2003 Health Canada performed a Search and Seizure on Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd., and restricted consumers access to their supplement, Empowerplus. Health Canada was aware that harm would be created by doing such, but continued on anyways. These actions resulted in the suicides and hospitalizations of many Truehope participants, that were relying on Empowerplus for their life.[+] Show More


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