Thanks for taking the time to join our community.   We aim to be a place where kratom conversations can be had without limits.   No jail, no censorship of any kind.  The only thing we ask is KEEP IT LEGAL.  I want to give the authorities no reason to screw with us.

This board will not just have kratom discussions, but discussions of herbal’s of any kind.   Again, nothing of an illegal nature, but short of that, anything goes.

The one thing we DO insist upon is NO DRAMA.   This was the number one reason to create this project.   No censorship, and NO DRAMA.   I’m taking a zero tolerance position on “showing your ugly”.   We all know what that means, so please don’t do it.   I don’t like banning people without warning, but with the world FULL of stress at this moment, I ask you leave that shit on “other” social media where folks EXPECT it 😉

And finally, we ask that you do not blatantly market your goods in our forums.  We need to survive and this option is available with a sponsorship package, the most simple of which is a private dedicated group for your business.   We ll be adding a banner rotation at some point if we grow to warrant that.

Future plans include a classifieds, and a vendor directory with rating system, and the offering of entire web sites as subdomains to

Thanks again for checking out the project.   Please tell your friends… no one likes an empty forum 😉

About the author: Robert Cohen
I'm a free lance, visual arts specialist. I'm the guy behind the curtain here at Kratomix.